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Combination Surgeries

Since Dr. Gillmore is a skilled general surgeon and not just a cosmetic surgeon, she can combine general surgeries with cosmetic surgeries to save costs, time and recovery time. Dr. Gillmore routinely performs gallbladder surgeries, hernia repairs, removes benign tumors, and masses combined with a tummy tuck or body sculpting treatments.

Dual Laser Liposuction

Tummy TuckWe understand that not everyone is happy with the way they look and Dr. Diana Gillmore, M.D. and her staff can help. As an experienced surgeon, Dr. Gillmore has years of expertise that she brings to each patient’s surgery. She has helped hundreds feel better about the way they look and the way they feel.

Dr. Gillmore specializes in Tummy Tucks, Fat Transfer, Liposuction, Varicose Veins (Spider Veins) and cosmetic treatments for men.

Dr. Gillmore offers the latest ViPeel treatments and ViDerm products to keep your skin youthful and flawless. Click here to learn more.